While Peter Margasak’s article in the 3/13 Reader [Post No Bills] was very well written, as his pieces always are, I feel compelled to comment on a couple of things. In my dealings with Zoo Records A and R man (now Minty Fresh guy) Jim Powers, I’ve always found him to be honest, genuine, and a true music lover–not at all the typical music industry stereotype. Moreover, the breakup of Stump the Host was much more complicated than an article of this nature could have described. Suffice it to say we all decided it just wasn’t fun anymore. There is no one to blame. I’m grateful to the Reader for publishing a story about Dolly Varden and to Peter for writing it. Despite the frustrations of the music business, we love making music and are very happy to be making albums. I really have nothing to complain about.

Steve Dawson

Dolly Varden