To the editors:

Contrary to Gerald M. Stein’s response on the William McCarter story (September 4) headlined “Betrayed by WFMT” [October 2], a more accurate letter would have said “Enriched by WFMT.” I’ve never been happier with their programming.

Mr. Stein talks about the program guide moving from Chicago magazine to its new WFMT Fine Arts Circle publication. I’m one of the people who clamored for such a change and have already gotten my money back in member benefits. If he had a complaint with the folks at Chicago, he should have asked them for a refund. What I pay for a membership is worthwhile just to avoid some of the awful jingles I hear on WFMT’s competitor, WNIB.

As to WFMT’s ratings slipping, I just saw in the papers that WFMT is ahead of WNIB. As for losing a couple of programs, WFMT has been adding orchestras and opera companies, it has a new local radio theater series, and still brings us the BBC, the Chicago Symphony, and opening nights at Lyric. Not too shabby.

Finally, I too love older recordings. And I don’t think, based on my travels, that there is another station in the country that presents more great historic recordings than WFMT. Most classical stations (both commercial and NPR) in other cities play only CDs and ban most vocal music.

So, Mr. Stein, you should cheer WFMT as the best classical station in the country (as someone named it recently) and not make petty attacks on it.

Dan Conley

N. Wells