He Could Call CUB

I read with great interest Rose Spinelli’s December 22 article on her troubles with Ameritech, as I’ve had my own horror story. I lived for six years under the thumb of Bell South and was able to have Internet access and local service for roughly $14 a month. Under Ameritech I was able to run up a bill over $500 in a single month.

I fully expected Chicago to be more expensive, but I did not expect the phone company to go out of its way to disconnect people. I thought I was dialing a local number; I foolishly assumed that was what area codes were there for. But Ameritech works out a system of line miles that make area codes meaningless. Apparently, not knowing how I would be billed is all my fault.

I should have realized that having a phone meant it was up to me to figure out how the phone company decided to bill. My mistake. I’ve been disconnected and forced to buy a cell phone. I have a phone bill just over $1,000 that I assume I’ll have to pay. No one from Ameritech has said so, but I have to assume there are other secrets Ameritech is keeping and I’m looking over my shoulder for any new attacks.

I go to the library to get on-line now. And I can’t help wondering if there’s a citizens’ group out there composed of screwed-over Ameritech customers who would like to see a little more fairness applied to their phone bill. I’m all in favor of starting a Revoke Ameritech’s Corporate Charter Society, but you’ll have to write to me as I don’t take calls any more.

Grant Schreiber

1223 W Granville #2N

Chicago, IL 60660