Dear Editor,

While I dearly loved the feature on the 70s black films [Rock, Etc., December 5], I think the author made a glaring error and an omission from his piece.

First, the omission: I agree with his assertion that Superfly helped the plot, much more than Shaft and Trouble Man. But I think that a sound track that did that as well was Willie Hutch’s sound track to The Mack. Not to mention that Richard Pryor’s role as Max Julien’s sidekick was one of his funniest.

The error, and I didn’t check because that’s not my job, so I’m going on memory: I don’t think Isaac Hayes won an Oscar for the score. The song, yes. The score, no.

Mark Ruffin

Music Host


Tim Sheridan replies:

You are absolutely correct that Isaac Hayes won the Oscar for the theme from Shaft, not the score.