To the editors:

Since I generally find your paper very informative and well-written I was surprised that you printed James Krohe’s article on suburban houses [March 29]. Although I live in a suburb, I am quite sympathetic with Mr. Krohe’s criticisms of suburban architecture and of suburban taste and dreams as evidenced in real estate ads. However, the quality of this article falls far short of your usual high standards. The article’s tone is snidely condescending and its style is cloyingly cute. Mr. Krohe has no love for anything, only contempt and ridicule for people, places and things. I would forgive all if the article were really funny, but its heavy negativity weighs it down too much, in spite of the many attempts at cleverness.

To keep this letter itself from being too negative, let me say that I think that Jonathan Rosenbaum is one of the best film critics writing these days, representing the Reader at its best.

Henry Taylor