DAS BOOT?? Double dis!! [August 25]

1. Gotta be ’bout Dat Kaput Kursk–some UC U-boat maven interviewed quick & long–Der Reader goes topical!! But no, not a word ’bout the airless underwater show–just another man’s take on orange tickets & red tape. Dostvedanya, Ivan–thanks for the punch line!

2. Now if the Boot is just a boot–then what’s with dis Das? Ach himmel–must I spell it out?! German = fascist = bureaucrats sans soul–hey, the ChiKago Dept. of Revenue! Sounds & führer, signifying nothing!

The article itself is good. But when the stooge who wrote that tasteless headline kicks–we all go sometime–how ’bout a banner reading HELLBOUND HACK–and another article on taxi drivers!

Pat Harris