To the editors:

In her reply [Letters, December 23] to the interview with Jeffrey Masson [December 2], Judith Cooper seems to be implying that because Jungian analysts have long been aware of, and struggled with, the dangers in sexual acting out between therapists and clients, no such problem exists for them.

Ms. Cooper ought to know that the Chicago Jungians, in the recent past, became “aware” of a multiple offender in this regard in their own ranks. After “struggling” with the matter, in the face of a considerable body of evidence, the guilty party was required to return to analysis for a year, and the whole thing was otherwise swept under the rug.

This kind of response by a professional body to a circumstance of such gravity at least shows a naive faith in their own brand of shamanism. Beyond that, it would seem that what Masson said about Jung applies to his followers as well–they lack the will to really attempt to come to grips with the world.

Name withheld