To the editors:

I realize that your readership is mostly pro-choice, but the article on abortion 1990 [September 15], made me wonder who the women could be that would blindly follow men like Joseph Scheidler. It is these women I wish to address. Women of the anti-choice movement take notice, listen, read this. I speak to you in this tone because it is one to which you have become accustomed. An animal is trained to become obedient and give least amount of trouble to its master. If a dog is rewarded enough for sitting, it will sit on command. Its owner then does not have to worry that it will run away. Its freedom and spirit has been broken for the convenience of its master. Are we no better than dogs? Have we been trained so well that we are now willing to sit, roll over, play dead, and give birth on command? Shall we be caged if we fail to comply with our masters? If you are so concerned with the humanity of an unborn fetus, perhaps you should sit down, roll over and reconsider your own.

C. Benjamin