Dear editors:

I read with discontent the article in the August 27, 1999, issue on the way-out-of-control cat fight in Ravenswood Manor. What doesn’t bother me is the “real” problem of the cat. OK, so the cat was a nuisance and actually sounds like it may have been rather nasty. But the real issue is how this escalated into its present form. I’m speaking about the quote from “a resident who didn’t want to be named” who said, among other things, “We feel that if they were a white family, this would not have happened.” That’s just great and a wonderful expression of our neighborhood.

We (as in my family) have lived in the Manor for well over ten years. We (as in my family) moved here precisely because it seems to be a wonderful, safe area to raise our family. We like it because of the diversity of this part of the city. We, however, do not agree with the above comment and desperately hope that the “we” in that sentence means that particular person only. I would hope that is not to be in any way interpreted as an expression of the people living in the Manor as a whole. It was a stupid comment made without thought. I am trying to assure myself that other residents of our community would feel the same. In the meantime, I’m thinkin’ my cats will stay inside.

In the future, I guess cats will continue to be cats and racists will continue to be, well, racist.

Carla Herrerias

Mike Sula replies:

The source quoted appears to have been misunderstood. The person meant “this would not have happened to them if they were white.” Sorry for the confusion.