To the editors:

I appreciated “Gun Man,” by Bryan Miller [July 8]. I particularly appreciated the analysis of Mr. Zangrilli’s ultimate goals (i.e., whether he is devoted to civil rights and sees the right to own a handgun as a civil right, or whether he is devoted to the right to own a handgun and sees this right being denied to minorities more often than to whites). But, whether Mr. Zangrilli is truly concerned with “civil rights” is irrelevant. Mr. Zangrilli believes every individual has the right to own a handgun, and he has worked extremely hard in support of this belief. That is something to be admired.

I disagree–strongly–with Mr. Zangrilli on the issue of handguns. But I respect him for his energy, dedication, and genuine concern. If more Americans found something for which they could work as hard, not just give lip service to, tremendous progress could be made.

Here’s to Jim Zangrilli.

Vivian Hessel

Lincoln Park