To the editors:

Cecil Adams recently addressed a reader’s question on the Infinity Reference Standard V speakers, priced at $50,000.00 per pair [Straight Dope, February 17]. I have some additional information you may find interesting: the reader seemed to feel that these were the most expensive speakers he had ever heard of, and I thought you might not be aware of the Wilson Audio WAMM speakers (Xerox enclosed), list price $80,000.00 per pair. These are custom made speakers; that is, they start making them when you place the order (and fork over the cash, I suppose, or at least a substantial deposit). They are supposed to be simply awesome, and I’m sure we all are thinking “they’d better be!” Second, these speakers are also handled by Excalibur Audio in Alexandria, Virginia (I’m back to the IRS-V’s now), and until recently, you could just walk in off the street and audition a pair with no warning to the store. (I did it! I spent 30 minutes alone with those monsters! Yes, it was amazing.) They claim to be the only audio store in the world to have them set up for public audition. (I say “until recently” because I noticed they weren’t there last time I looked in the window.)

Thought you might like to know.

Also, how about that Goldmund Turntable for $15,000.00, not including phono cartridge, to go with your WAMMs? And some $100.00 per foot Kimble Kable to hook it all up with?

Gary Broyhill

Washington, D.C.