Dear Reader,

There are a thousand cool places up in the Dells. Thank God Heather McAdams only knows of ten [“Hester Duzz Da Dells, July 1]! I’m looking at the Wisconsin Dells Travel and Attraction Guide right now and all I can do is shake my head. On the one hand I am happy Heather did not give away the truly hip hideouts of the Dells, only giving credence to the most obvious establishments, which one would have to be blind not to see. But on the other hand I do have to question Heather’s kitsch when she turns a blind eye to some of the Dells’ finer establishments. Heather’s biggest Dells faux pas was her complete bypass of Paul Bunyon’s, a Dells tradition for over 40 years. Located on the main strip, this loggers’ restaurant serves doughnuts with eggs and coffee in tin cups. A must for any Dells traveler!

If the Reader decides to do another Dells tour guide for next year, I have a suggestion. Send me! I can draw about as good as Heather, and will lead your readers to the truly hip hideouts of the Dells.

T. Miller