To the editors:

I realize that white males, incumbent politicians, and the Catholic Church are the only “Politically Correct” targets for cheap shots these days, but I feel compelled to reply to Bill Wyman’s low blows and misrepresentations with some clarification [Hitsville, October 23].

The Catholic Church is not, as Mr. Wyman asserts, “right-wing.” The official, stated, long-standing economic political outlook of the Church is that of Social Credit, a left-wing stance that holds human labor to be the a priori source of all wealth and social value. This in fact is more consistent with Marx’s Labor Theory of Value than Ricardo’s Iron Law of Wages. The Pope’s recent encyclicals uphold and expand this point of view, rejecting both the indulgent consumerism of the West and stifling totalitarianism of the former Soviet Union.

Nor is the Church “monied.” The Church is not only one of the world’s largest charitable organizations, but it has also been operating at a loss for the past quarter century.

“Cult,” as used by Mr. Wyman, is just a buzzword indicating his own irreligiousness.

The charge of “discrimination against women and gays” is a red herring. The business of the Church is the saving of souls and it offers personal salvation to all who renounce their sins and seek Christ’s forgiveness regardless of their gender or the nature of their sins.

Yes, the Church stands opposed to abortion just as it stands opposed to any form of willful murder.

Yes, the Church stands opposed to artificial birth control, but let me point out that study after study has shown that the principal cause of population growth is poverty. In case after case one can see that as soon as income rises above a bare subsistence level the birthrate falls off regardless of the availability of artificial birth control whether in 19th-century France or present-day South Korea.

By calling the Pope an “obstacle to social progress” Mr. Wyman evidently means that His Holiness will not grease the skids of cultural dissolution and persists in calling sin and vice by their real names.

R.M. Schultz

N. Franklin