[Re: Neighborhood News, February 28]

The issue of Delray Farms goes beyond the travesty of demolishing the Goldblatt’s building. As evidenced by their other locations, what will be built in its place is as unsensitive to the viability of this neighborhood as Delray has been to the community residents.

By replacing one of the most substantial, architecturally important buildings on a major Chicago thoroughfare (and the only one in this area) with a one-story, cement block vegetable stand, any hope of revitalizing this blighted business district will also be demolished. What could have been developed as an anchor in this neighborhood will become just another low-end enterprise for the benefit of only one entity–Delray Farms. Despite alternate suggestions from community groups and a multi-use proposal from Bob Berger, Stefan Kaluzny has refused to compromise. He would like us to think that Delray has taken a huge risk to even consider our area and that they are doing us a favor by offering minimum wage, high turnover jobs. None of us are that naive. There is no reason why this venture cannot be mutually beneficial, but that entails looking at the big picture and taking all aspects into consideration. Stefan Kaluzny is not concerned with that. According to his comments at a community meeting, if this store does not work out, then they will move and we can do what we want with the property. Now there is a man with his eye on the future.

Lais Asproyerakas