I just want to shake these churches that are standing in the way of what could be a fantastic boon to Chicago [“Where Would Jesus Park?” by Tasneem Paghdiwala, June 22]. “Gomez says only a third of Armitage Baptist’s congregation lives in Logan Square: its parishioners travel from as far away as Gary and Milwaukee and have enough parking problems already.” So are they encouraging these local one-thirdof their churchgoers to walk or take local transportation? Chicago transit, for all its budget problems, is pretty damn useful. I bet there are buses or els that go right by these churches.

“The practical problem of parking, says the pastor, still must be solved.” Why not have their services later in the day or on Saturday nights? I mean, really, would it kill people to change their schedules to make Chicago a better place, with more culture and less pollution? Isn’t that part of being part of the community?

“Lucy Gomez says another option, one that the pastor supports, would let parishioners keep parking in one of the boulevards’ four central lanes and squeeze Sunday Parkways into the others.” Come on, people, aren’t these churchgoers demanding a lot–change the time, change the route, and oh yeah, we are still going to ruin this for those who aren’t using motors.

What examples of Jesus–who, you may remember–didn’t have a car.

Jennifer Cismesia