To the editors:

In response to the letter by Inez Prescott [January 26], evidently a representative of the so-called Citizens for Responsible Media, GLAAD/ CHICAGO (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) vigorously protests her dehumanizing reduction of homosexuality to promiscuous sexual behavior. This enduring shibboleth, frequently employed by bigoted moralists of Ms. Prescott’s ilk, serves to reinforce stereotypes foisted upon the gay and lesbian community. We are fed up with this nonsense.

Yes Ms. Prescott, some of us are promiscuous. Some of us form couples in spite of the denial of legal recognition and economic benefits in this land of justice for almost all. Some of us are homeless and unemployed. Some of us like Christmas. Could it be (gasp!) that we are everything and everywhere. Maybe, if you try really hard, you will one day realize that we are people. Try Ms. Prescott, try.

Bob Miller


PS: What are “gay protagonists”?