To the editors:

“Inside the Clip Joint–The Inky Underside of the PR Business” (May 20) was made to sound so very dark. I worked there during my early college days.

It was the finest thing I learned in those college days. It taught me (forced me) to think and learn on the spot. Immediately. No relishing, savoring, pondering with the information. Process and deposit. Thousands of subjects, categories, names the article you are reading could pertain to. Does it? Quantum leap–yes, yes, yes to these, no, no–MAYBE–to these. Code. File. Move on. The maybe’s slowed you down, all that internal debate.

But I also wonder: why is it I have over eighty current subject files (some with subcategories) on those things I feel warrant them? And why am I compelled to search out information to fill them? And why am I filled with guilt when I’m behind in my filing? And why did I have to spend last Saturday at home filing clippings and notes for eight hours? On my own time. On a beautiful day.

And yes, people wanted to talk–because they were bursting with the news–the excitement, amazement, fear, humor of what they had just read.

Diane Kaczor

North Chicago