We’d like to thank the Reader and Mr. Joravsky for covering the public budget hearings that the city holds every year [The Works, September 9]. It is a unique opportunity for the average citizen to express their opinions directly to our city government and to Mayor Daley. We appreciated the opportunity and were encouraged by the mayor’s response to our requests regarding reforming the property tax system, changes we suggested to the 7 percent cap while asking for his help in making sure it is renewed beyond next year.

TRAC did want to clarify a statement in the article however. While the bill that was signed last year by Governor Blagojevich was not what we had originally worked for, TRAC did support it. We greatly regret the changes that the “leadership” made in Springfield. However, the end result was that it did bring some “relief” in addition to bringing the issue of real property tax reform to the front burner where it remains.

TRAC and the coalition will continue to push for real property tax reform. This issue will only get more attention in the months to come with the city reassessment in 2006, along with elections for city, county, and state offices. It should be interesting.

Barbara Head


Tax Reform Action Coalition (TRAC)