Dear editor:

Lewis Lazare’s profile of HotHouse owner Marguerite Horberg should have been titled “HotHouse- owner full of HotAir” [Culture Club, July 21]. How can someone who is admittedly behind in their rent accuse a landlord of forcing them out? Why would someone allow “unsubstantiated charges” to be a basis for agreeing to move out of a space? The obvious answer is that this person is simply incapable of running a business within a set of parameters she agreed to.

Horberg “predicts that artists and arts organizations in in the community will have a hard time dealing with unfamiliar, hard-nosed business realities.” How nice of her to be concerned with those poor people that are not familiar with reality. But does she really think that only arts organizations and artists have had a tough go of it lately? Hers is not the only community experiencing hard times. It seems sad that a frequent Reader advertiser gets such press for being unable to make ends me meet. Where is the real story, Mr. Lazare?

Finally, Horberg’s statement that “It’s getting harder and harder for small, intellectually focused arts enterprise to find a place to operate” is pathetic. What she really should be saying is, “Its getting harder and harder for me to find below market rates in a quickly appreciating area and I’ve decided to blame it all on someone else.” Come on Marguerite! Take responsibility for yourself and look on the bright side. Maybe Mark Thomas needs some help at the Alley. His success is well documented and maybe you’ll pick up some badly needed business skills.

Russ McClintock

North Center