All figures as published in the Chicago Tribune, unofficial house organ of the Daley administration third-airport campaign.

1. February 27: Mayoral aide Robert Repel refers to a city feasibility study forecasting the creation of 200,000 permanent jobs.

2. March 31: Mayor Daley, speaking at an Easter egg hunt on the southwest side, “defended the planned Lake Calumet airport as ‘the future of Chicago’ because of the estimated 500,000 jobs it would create.”

3. April 18: Repel praises an Indiana-sponsored report predicting that a Lake Calumet airport would generate 247,000 jobs, of which northwest Indiana would get 74,000.

4. June 12: Daley tells the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers that the airport will bring as many as 350,000 new jobs to the depressed southeast side.

5. December 2: Tribune transportation writer Gary Washburn writes, “Studies have suggested that [the airport] would generate up to 170,000 new jobs…”