To Bill Wyman,

I cannot tell a lie. The “Stoley the Cartoon Boy” of last week’s Letters to the Editor [March 17] is not Stoley the lead singer of the Lupins. Like my letter, your criticism has gone on unchecked. I sincerely apologize to the real Stoley and the Lupins, for I assumed this caricature name to prove a point. Seeing and hearing are believing. Most people who frequent the Chicago music scene know that the Lupins are one of the best live bands to come about in years. Yet your “criticisms” would lead your readers to believe the opposite. These readers are potential music fans that you are turning off, like a jealous high school bully who beats up the book smart skinny kid. Instead of insulting bands with cute little quips, why don’t you try a little thoughtful insight.

Last summer I was street performing in front of Wrigley Field doing a parody of Waiting for Godot. Some Cubs fans waiting in a nearby ticket line repeatedly interrupted my piece with lascivious barbs and homophobic innuendos. As I packed up my equipment to leave, one sportsbar patron tripped me and somebody else kicked a can which hit me in the face. The onlookers just laughed or pretended like it didn’t happen. Criticism hurts.

Please realize the implications of your clever charts and mean opinions.

Matt Besser