To the editors:

Re: “Tot Control” (November 13). So this is what the “love generation” has come to. Despite EST, MBAs, BMWs, and PCs, us yuppies can’t effectively deal with the most important letters: k-i-d-s. They simply don’t fit into our already crowded schedule. After all, there’s the tanning spa, aerobics, sports bar, symphony, and hey, haven’t we fulfilled our obligation by paying that expensive damn private school tuition and keeping them in designer kiddie togs? What a wretched bunch of failures we are! My neighbors allow their eight-year-old to swear because they think he’s simply going through his “rebellious years.” And the hopelessly incompetent parents mentioned in your article seem never to have heard the timeless adage: spare the rod and spoil the child. My two children, now in college, were raised by my wife and me, not using Dr. Spock, sleight of hand, surrogate parents, or mirrors. Nope, old-fashioned love, attention, and a reliable belt were the only tools necessary. Try it, folks, and start enjoying your children.

Jules Cambridge

W. Augusta