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To the editors:

When Jack Helbig dies his epitaph may read “Terminally Glib.” His review of Exhumed [May 26] (Theatre of the Reconstruction at The Garage–1843 W. North Ave.) makes me wonder if we saw the same play. He seems to think it was an incoherent story about one particular junkie–I thought this was a powerful play about spiritual quests among the disenfranchised. As a lay person (i.e. non critic) I go to the theatre to be entertained and surmise an art form. When I give my opinion about a play I usually evaluate it in terms of quality of performance/s, visual/aesthetic and emotional impact. It would have been far more fair to say that Exhumed had only a few non moments than to state it had a few moments. Like it or not I defy anyone to be bored by this play. But then and again, I’m the kind of person who walked out of Pump Boys and Dinettes. Thank God it’s not my job to use someone else’s work as a vehicle for self aggrandizement. I wish it wasn’t Mr. Helbig’s either.

Catherine Cerf Hill