To the editors:

Mike Ervin is certainly a talented and entertaining writer, and we were impressed with his ability to tell a complex story in his article “Wine Tasting” on page eight of the 5/15/92 issue.

There was one minor error that we would like to correct: we never taste 100 wines per day! Thirty to 50 wines per day is typical, and on the day Mike visited us we judged 49 wines. We think this is an important quality factor because our judges are not pushed to the point of palate fatigue.

Another minor point we would be pleased if you were to share with your readers: the reason we could not reveal the results to Mr. Ervin is because we have an agreement with another publication for first publication rights to the results of the American Wine Competition. If your readers would like a free sample of our work, they should send a note to Wine & Spirits, 82 Linden Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Craig Goldwyn


Beverage Testing Institute