To the editors:

Re: WFMT [Hot Type, January 11] and the insidious tin-ear syndrome.

I find it exasperatingly impossible to listen to Dennis Moore’s generic pear-shaped tones and maddeningly predictable bouncing ball delivery–devoid of any substantive linkage with the content of what he’s saying. Jay Andres’s pseudo-folksy aw-shucks mumbling and discombobulated easy-listening aura are even worse.

How long must this go on?

This happy talk poltroonery coupled with Ed McMahon flogging Colonial Penn Insurance leave increasingly jaundiced long-term WFMT listeners (repeat: listeners) little alternative but to rip the plug out of the wall.

A modest proposal: Kerry Frumkin should be invited to rejoin the staff and forthwith put in operational charge of the station–with a mandate to return WFMT to profitability within two years. Of primary nonnegotiable importance: The goddam prerecorded commercials must go. We would pledge a minimum of $100 a year to WFMT tomorrow in exchange for assurances that the station will return to its previous ban on canned commercials–a policy in effect since its inception some 40 years ago.

So would thousands upon thousands of other aggrieved listeners–not only within WFMT’s primary signal area, but also all across the country by cable and satellite. Listener subscription may be the only way to go to salvage the severely damaged integrity of the station.

Until that resurrection day arrives (are you listening Rita and Bernie?), it’s a ten-disc CD player with random play and full mix-and-match remote capabilities for us.

Don Heydendahl