Dear Reader,

DuSable Park is contaminated with thorium [Neighborhood News, October 12]. DuSable Park may not happen because of political insider deals. You can’t have all the conflicting proposals at the same time.

Wrong, you could have a park next week if you wanted to. A modular park made from concrete roofing panels would solve all these problems. You could even have an extra protective layer. The upper panels could have anything on them–sculpture, playgrounds, trees, greenery. Any of the artists’ proposals or some variation of them could be implemented and displayed on a rotating basis.

This idea was originally designed for temporary skate parks on lakefront construction sites (Inside newspaper letters column last year). Government and the media try to scam the public with opinion passing as fact. There are things already out there that would provide solutions for almost every problem. We have to stop pretending we don’t have the answers.

Thank you,

James Reyes

N. Elston