Artist Craighton Berman with his portrait of 35th Ward alderman Rey Colon
Artist Craighton Berman with his portrait of 35th Ward alderman Rey Colon Credit: Sam Adams

Which alderman … 

has advised the president of Kosovo?

Scott Waguespack, 32nd Ward

is married to an Illinois supreme court justice?

Ed Burke, 14th Ward

pushed for a citywide ban on pit bulls?

Virginia Rugai, 19th Ward

expressed concern that posting information online about the city’s tax increment financing program could
“overwhelm” the public?

Margaret Laurino, 39th Ward

is a former president of the Cook County Bar Association?

Freddrenna Lyle, Sixth Ward

got the nickname “City Hall Santa” for handing out jobs to relatives?

Patrick O’Connor, 40th Ward

was the only alderman not to sign a letter criticizing a property-tax cap proposed by state house speaker Mike Madigan in 2007?

Frank Olivo, 13th Ward

led other council members in pressing Daley to divulge his secret wish list for federal stimulus funds?

Pat Dowell, Third Ward

began his or her career sweeping floors at the Welles Park field house?

Eugene Schulter, 47th Ward

claims his or her dad was the chemist who “perfected fake suede”?

Helen Shiller, 46th Ward

used to be a legislative aide to John Stroger?

Michelle Harris, Eighth Ward

was executive producer of a film called Love Relations?

Ed Smith, 28th Ward

regardless of the subject at hand refers to military veterans nearly every time he or she takes the council floor?

James Balcer, 11th Ward

represents the area where the country’s biggest urban solar power facility is slated to be built?

Carrie Austin, 34th Ward

is not the mayor’s sibling, cousin, or in-law, but is often mistaken for a relative?

Vi Daley, 43rd Ward

is known for his or her cinnamon buns?

Tom Tunney, 44th Ward

represents the ward with the city’s only Walmart?

Emma Mitts, 37th Ward

has a daughter who’s been known to snack on spiders?

Richard Mell, 33rd Ward

chairs the committee on aviation and has a brother who was a top city aviation official until retiring in 2004?

Patrick Levar, 45th Ward

led the fight against the plan to site the new children’s museum in Grant Park?

Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward

is the council’s only Republican?

Brian Doherty, 41st Ward

once taught history?

Toni Preckwinckle, Fourth Ward

tried to ban aluminum bats in Chicago?

Robert Fioretti, Second Ward

worked as an administrative assistant to the first Mayor Daley?

Ray Suarez, 31st Ward

succeeded an alderman known for his home renovations?

Deborah Graham, 29th Ward

could only be reached by the artist after 11 tries, inspiring the price on the portrait in the “50 Aldermen/50 Artists” show of $11?

John Pope, Tenth Ward

has fought for more than five years to bring a Walmart to the south side?

Howard Brookins Jr., 21st Ward

got elected after leading a successful movement to vote parts of the south side dry?

Anthony Beale, Ninth Ward

was a cop before replacing an imprisoned alderman who said “Most aldermen, most politicians, are hos”?

Willie Cochran, 20th Ward

proposed a dress code for taxi drivers?

Thomas Allen, 38th Ward

worked in a supermarket bakery before becoming alderman?

Toni Foulkes, 15th Ward

has worked as a flight attendant and in food service?

Sharon Denise Dixon, 24th Ward

led the movement to ban foie gras?

Joe Moore, 49th Ward

serves on the board of the bike advocacy group Active Transportation Alliance?

Ariel Reboyras, 30th Ward

wields the gavel when Mayor Daley leaves the City Council chambers?

Michael Zalewski, 23rd Ward

owns a money transfer business called Quick Dinero?

George Cardenas, 12th Ward

works for a company that has the same name as a planetarium in Pittsburgh?

Proco “Joe” Moreno, First Ward

wanted to ban ice cream trucks from his or her ward?

Lona Lane, 18th Ward

is known as the best friend circus elephants have ever had in the City Council?

Mary Ann Smith, 48th Ward

once nicknamed an opponent “Mellma” in honor of the powerful politician from another ward who backed her?

Rey Colon, 35th Ward

took office by beating a Daley-backed incumbent, but has voted the mayor’s way on every major piece of legislation?

JoAnn Thompson, 16th Ward

rents office space from Saint Sabina, the church of the controversial Reverend Michael Pfleger?

Latasha Thomas, 17th Ward

can be seen on YouTube throwing a guy out of his office?

Ricardo Munoz, 22nd Ward

just went to Pittsburgh to talk to its city council about Chicago’s parking meter privatization deal?

Leslie Hairston, Fifth Ward

ran campaign billboards with his or her spouse Photoshopped in?

Sandi Jackson, Seventh Ward

owns the most real estate?

Roberto Maldonado, 26th Ward

turned his or her life around after serving time for armed robbery as a teenager?

Walter Burnett Jr., 27th Ward

has said he or she wants to become the oldest alderman in Chicago history?

Bernard Stone, 50th Ward

once led the powerful United Neighborhood Organization?

Daniel Solis, 25th Ward

was his or her predecessor’s chauffeur?

John Rice, 36th Ward

At the opening for the “50 Aldermen/50 Artists” group show, which inspired the quiz:

Aldermen Joe Moore (49th) and Emma Mitts (37th)
Aldermen Joe Moore (49th) and Emma Mitts (37th)Credit: Sam Adams
30th Ward alderman Ariel Reboyras with artist Dubi
30th Ward alderman Ariel Reboyras with artist DubiCredit: Sam Adams