What hydra of newsprint and electronics unhinged their skulls and flooded their brains with disinformation?

Murdoch! Platitudes! Hate speech! Tripe! Tabloids and slick televangelists! Babies weaning on kidvid! Couples sobbing on Divorce Court! Old women staring in the nursing homes!

Murdoch! Murdoch! Empire of Murdoch! Murdoch the insatiable! Murdoch the king of the hill!

Murdoch who came from down under! Murdoch who fattened on cheesecake! Murdoch who schemed hostile takeovers! Murdoch who raced to the bottom!

Murdoch who titillates millions! Murdoch whose breath is screamer headlines! Murdoch whose tentacles are a billion miles of cable! Murdoch whose bones are towers!

Murdoch whose dream is mass delusion! Murdoch whose croak is the rant of pundits! Murdoch whose eyes are a twenty-four-hour satellite feed!

Murdoch whose network is global! Murdoch whose toys are cringing officials!

Murdoch the warmonger! Murdoch who nurtures an army of closet fascists! Murdoch who spews the Big Lie!

Murdoch in whom I feel powerless! Murdoch I can’t escape! Suckerbait in Murdoch! Outfoxed and feckless in Murdoch! Wake up to Murdoch! Airwaves polluted with hype!

Murdoch! Murdoch! Vast oligopolies! Republican spokesmodels! Leveraged buyouts! Interminable infomercials! Collagen implants! Right-wing cant!

They stared and gawked! They fell for “Fair and Balanced!” They swallowed it whole! They coughed it up again!

The vacant stares! The phony polls! The whole raft of manipulative crapola!

Distractions! False predictions! Amazing facts! Crimes caught on video! Cleavages and bikini-waxed pudendas! Aliens! Mumbo-Jumbo! All running loose on the information freeway!

They tuned right in! They watched all day!! They believed the hype! They bought the products! They did as they were told! Over the Internet! At the polls! Over the dam and right down the tube!

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): illustration/Tom Chalkley.