I completely agree with the Reader’s assessment [February 19] regarding Mayor Daley’s transportation record, especially related to O’Hare and Midway airports. Mayor Daley, more than any other politician and most Chicago citizens, realizes that the reason the city of Chicago exists is that it is a junction. Chicago is a hub to the continent’s rail, air, and road transportation networks. This is the economic engine behind every business, industry, school, and government in the city and region.

Maintaining the city’s political control of that fundamental reason for the city’s existence should be a top priority for every Chicago mayor. Because of this, the Lake Calumet airport proposal made perfect sense. After high-speed rail is up and running, and once O’Hare and Midway’s excess capacity is exhausted, there will be a third airport built on the Lake Calumet site. Any other location for a third airport is just political pork for downstate and suburban politicians.

Barry Bebart