What a hoot! Sending an inspector from the PC Police to review Jackie Mason was a great idea [Performance, December 15]. While the review wasn’t as funny as Mason’s act, it had its moments. Helbig’s wife threatening to leave was the emotional high point. I hope that she was able to turn her ticket over to an insensitive clod who could enjoy a truly funny show.

Assuming that the review was serious, and not a devastating parody of the tight-ass PC jerks who would like to see the world wallow in a bland, insipid sea of vanilla pudding, I’m sure the audience appreciated being told it should be offended. We just didn’t get it. Just about all of us enjoyed the show, including the humor directed at us. Now we have to rethink the experience and be offended. Well, maybe not.

I’m looking forward to Helbig’s next opus. Will he address the racist overtones Lucy displayed when she “ridiculed” Ricky? Will he expose Richard Jeni, whose comedy shows insensitivity to sharks and coal miners? And didn’t the Wizard of Oz display insensitivity towards unattractive green witches? There’s a lot of important work for Jack Helbig to do.

I would suggest that the Reader avoid using “humor impaired” critics to review comedians.

Martin Lewin