To the editors:

I read about Warner Garden [“Lot of Trouble,” November 30] with delight. I grew up in that neighborhood and the only place for a child to play was in the middle of the street. We were chased constantly by the police for playing baseball; mostly we sat on somebody’s stairs and gabbed and if we felt ambitious we went to Chase Park 1 mile away or to the beach close on to two miles. Lois Buenger and I were chased out of Graceland Cemetery for sitting and reading there. In this area of the city the nearest park is a mile away and the only place one can sit down is on the ugly benches that crowd the intersection. (Now there’s a campaign for the citizens I would love to see sponsored. On some intersections of the city I have counted 12 benches with garish advertisements and very few people sitting on any of them. Less would be so much more attractive.) Anyway Hurray for Lois.

Margaret Rattenbury Tucker