This is in response to Mr. Steve Albini’s letter printed in the January 28 issue of the Reader.

Steve, Steve, Steve, why all the bitterness? You blasted against three “mainstream” bands, but in light of your recent production work with the multiplatinum, critic-adored (like yourself), and “mainstream” Nirvana, all your erudite spleen purgings stink of hypocrisy.

It sounds to me like you are pissing and moaning about the meal you have been served after devouring every morsel off your plate. In your world, success and integrity do not mix. Watching you spit and growl to maintain your underground credentials over the last 12 months has been a source of unrivaled hilarity.

Your image as self-appointed standard bearer for the underground has grown a bit tiresome. To be more blunt, you are starting to sound like my weird uncle who comes over uninvited, drinks all of my best liquor and then gives me tomes of unsolicited advice about gardening, pet care, women, etc.

Crank, crank, crank. Drunk with self-righteousness.

Bill Wyman is not the propaganda arm of some recording industry conspiracy. He is a normal guy. This might come as a shock to you, Stevie, but as a normal guy, Wyman’s entitled to his opinions. Just like you, Steve! See how it all works? So he doesn’t write about the bands you want him to, that’s his choice. You went to a prestigious journalism school and should know all about these things.

I am not defending what Wyman writes; I don’t always agree with him, either. Unlike you, I don’t give a rat’s ass about it. Wyman has no responsibilities to me or you or anyone other than himself and his editors. If he did, that would be tantamount to him telling you how to operate within your profession.

So, Steve, take this all to heart, and at the first opportunity, say all kinds of scatological things about my band. Nothing would make me feel better. I would love to be the next target of your childish rage.

Neil Jendon