To the editors:

Don’t expect to see many Hyde Parkers at Slim’s Table [“Slim and Bart,” August 7]. The various groups in this community remain invisible to each other, separated by fear and distrust.

The civic elite of Hyde Park are proud of the racial mix that has been achieved, but little is done to encourage mixing across cultural or economic lines. Few institutions in Hyde Park, outside of Valois and Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap, encourage casual or spontaneous relationships between the various cultures that coexist here. Taverns, long blamed for every social ill, are barely tolerated. The basketball hoops have been removed. Musical instruments are not allowed at the Point. Blue-collar technical workers, such as myself, long relegated to Bridgeport or Schaumburg, sometimes feel out of place here.

The tragedy of Hyde Park is that so much opportunity exists here for true understanding, but so few will come to the table.

Ken Gustafson

E. 55th Pl.