Was it the objective of your article “The Devil Inside” (5/26/95) to mock and ridicule Moody Bible Institute? Certainly in our secularized society, the requirements of MBI seem antiquated and out of a different era, as well they may be. Nevertheless, within evangelical Christian circles MBI is one of its respected institutions and one of its largest communications and training centers. On the surface these standards seem out of place, but there are secondary and more important issues.

Modern Christians are frequently accused of hypocrisy, and there is much hypocrisy to be found. Nevertheless, MBI should be commended rather than mocked, for it is these very standards that expose the hypocrisy of Frank and Steve and Chris. When they entered MBI they agreed to abide by these clearly articulated standards–they gave their word. On the surface they pay lip service to MBI, but have chosen to secretly violate its standards. This is the essence of hypocrisy and demonstrates a fundamental lack of integrity. Certainly Chris’s hypocrisy and integrity deficit goes much deeper. Scripture is clear–lying and fornication (what an antiquated word) are wrong. Thus, Chris holds God and his son, Jesus Christ, in contempt as well as MBI.

Frank and Steve and Chris don’t show the courage of their true convictions. They don’t have the “balls” to openly stand up for what they truly believe. It’s more comfortable not to make waves, to enjoy a subsidized education and continue in mediocrity. Not only are they hypocrites, they are cowards. One must ask “Who truly stands by their beliefs and sincerely attempts to integrate their words with their behavior?” Who demonstrates true integrity? I think it’s clear.

James Stuart

W. Addison