I am writing to discuss your review of “Big Names on the Street” [Post No Bills] in the June 20 edition of the Reader.

I have lived my life traveling to see great music. It has led me to a happier and more pleasurable life existence. I appreciate your review of the bands at Chicago street fests, but you have something very wrong.

You state: “Taste of Lincoln Avenue has booked 10,000 Maniacs, but most of the 30-plus other acts it’s scheduled are the contemporary equivalent of those 80s bar bands, unoriginal if popular groups like Hello Dave, Underwater People, and Mike and Joe.”

First, 80s bar bands are a huge hit in Chicago because they are crowd pleasers. They include their audience in their act and make it a good time for all. I have seen Underwater People many times over the years, and I have never been disappointed, and the arena is always packed.

Second, Hello Dave is all original music. They are a talented and profound musical group. Not that it is an insult for Hello Dave to be coupled with Underwater People, but you are lumping them into a style of entertainment that is not representative of their act. I am assuming that you have never seen one of their shows, because calling them unoriginal is a misrepresentation of the facts and needs to be retracted from the article.

I feel sorry for you that you cannot find entertainment in entertainment. I would appreciate though, if you are going to write about the music scene in Chicago, that you actually know the music scene in Chicago. If you are going to include a band in an article, you have to state the facts correctly. It is the first rule of journalism. Please make sure this is cleared up.

Sarah Clemens