To the editor:

Your September 26 article on the proposed Rogers Park TIF [“Why Here? Why Now?”] was generally accurate. However, there was one instance in which I was misquoted. The article quoted me as stating that the members of the Rogers Park Community Action Network (RPCAN) were “disruptive” at a June 18 community meeting and that the meeting was “marred by RPCAN’s sudden appearance on the scene.”

I spoke extensively with your reporter, but I do not recall being critical of RPCAN’s behavior at the June 18 meeting. In fact, there was no visible RPCAN presence at that meeting.

RPCAN and I have had our differences over the years, and I have sometimes criticized their tactics. But the meeting on June 18 went very smoothly and was very productive, and everyone, including any members of RPCAN who may have been present, conducted themselves civilly and respectfully.

Perhaps the reporter was confused. I did question RPCAN’s tactics at a subsequent meeting on July 30, when 50 or so RPCAN members appeared in an orchestrated manner to criticize the process. This was the final community meeting of our extensive TIF planning process, and most of the RPCAN members present had not attended any of the previous meetings despite the fact that the meetings were well publicized.

In speaking with your reporter, I was critical of RPCAN’s 11th-hour participation in the process and questioned the motives of their leadership. However, I never alleged that the RPCAN protesters were disruptive or disrespectful, and I certainly didn’t question their right to ask questions and raise objections.

I hope this clarifies matters for your readers.

Alderman Joe Moore

49th Ward

Kari Lydersen replies:

My notes confirm that Alderman Moore made those statements, but as he indicates, he said them in reference to the wrap-up meeting about the TIF rather than the first meeting. I apologize for the mix-up.