Dear Reader:

Thanks for your article on Logan Square’s alderman, Rey Colon [The Works, March 17]. I thought the article itself was an accurate assessment of community concerns on gentrification and overcommercialization of the 35th Ward. However, the headline (“That Funny Opaque Kind of Transparency”), while enticing, is misleading. As a neighborhood resident, I’ve called his office many times, and I’ve always found the alderman and his staff to be more receptive than the other wards I’ve lived in (I’ve lived in Bucktown and Roscoe Village previously). If you go to Rey Colon’s Web site, (, you’ll see that there are two more community meetings scheduled in the next two weeks to discuss what’s going to happen to the MegaMall space.

Anyone who takes the CTA Blue Line el train can see how crucial development of that one spot is to Logan Square. Judging by the thoughtful responses I have gotten over the years to my concerns for community improvement, I’m very confident that Colon will consider all options and come up with a plan that’s best for Logan Square–unlike his predecessor, who sold out to Home Depot (on Kimball and Addison, despite community resistance). Colon doesn’t seem to me to be the type who will sell out to the highest bidder.

Stacy Robinson

Logan Square