I wonder if Peter Margasak got up on the wrong side of the bed the day he wrote Post No Bills in Section Three of the July 26 issue of the Reader, or is he generally a snotty pain in the ass? Don’t get me wrong, the ILF and Leo Lastre sometimes leave a lot to be desired, but as one who participated in the first two years of the ILF, I pose the question and excuse the pun, but what is the alternative? In Leo Lastre you have a person who has tried to generate interest and give an opportunity to bands whose music doesn’t fit into the small spectrum that serves as the “scene.” That doesn’t make them lesser bands. The ILF gives bands a chance to play places, talk to people, and learn about the business in ways they normally couldn’t. So lighten up Pete, there are many very good bands working hard to get heard in a city where only one major radio station pays any attention to local bands and that for only a half hour a week. The ILF at least makes an effort.

Matt Murphy

Rain Kings