My name is Anjelica Kieltyka. I am at the very center of the “[J. Michael] Bailey controversy” at Northwestern [“Sex and Transsexuals,” December 12; Letters, December 19, January 2].

The issues of this controversy have nothing to do with Bailey’s stupid theory. Instead they have everything to do with the deliberate exploitation and misrepresentation of transexual women.

This “sexploitation” of me and other transexual women IS one of the key charges I made against Professor Bailey in my formal complaint to Northwestern. That your reporter chose to further exploit and misrepresent vulnerable minority women was deliberate and most unfortunate, considering all the important information and evidence your reporter had and refused to use.

Instead your reporter, [Dennis] Rodkin, used the opportunity to be a “mouthpiece” for Bailey and “use” me and my friend Deirdre McCloskey to give credence to Bailey’s bogus “queer” theory of sexual perversity.

May I finally speak for myself?

Allow me to set the record straight on Rodkin’s not-so-straight reporting. Basically he “queered” the facts throughout his article.

I never introduced Bailey to any “males…getting ready to change genders.” In my role as transexual advocate, I introduced Bailey to young attractive Hispanic transexual women in transition who needed “letters from a psychological professional…before the [plastic] surgery can be authorized.”

Furthermore, there was no bargain struck between Bailey, myself, and these women as research subjects in exchange for SRS [sex-reassignment surgery] letters. All information Bailey obtained from these psychological evaluations (interviews guided by specific Standards of Care) was strictly confidential. That Bailey used this information as part of his research and published this “data” in his [The Man Who Would Be] Queen book is one of the main reasons he is now under investigation. [To date Kieltyka’s allegations are still under investigation.]

Not only did Rodkin fail to address this key issue, he misrepresented my work relationship with Professor Bailey for the past ten years. I was Bailey’s key adviser, consultant, educator, and lecturer on all matters concerning transexualism. Although I considered myself his associate, I never “felt [that I] was an integral part of his research team.”

As to my most important role as Transexual Advocate (something the whole Chicago transexual community and the Chicago TransHealth service community knew about), Dennis Rodkin never mentions it, ignoring this key aspect of my work with Bailey and the transexual women he exploited, just as Bailey did throughout his book.

Finally, one of the most important facts “queered” and twisted by Rodkin (and Bailey) is the “broad conspiracy” theory. If I may accurately quote Dennis Rodkin quoting Bailey: “The idea that I am part of an antigay, antitranssexual conservative conspiracy is laughable.”

The twist here is: Bailey is a focus of an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I told Rodkin this (and he could have confirmed it). I told him I was working directly with the SPLC and giving them (and Rodkin) evidence that Professor Bailey was antigay and antitransexual.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has just published the initial results of their major investigation into the realities and causes of the terrible wave of hate crimes against transgender and transexual women now rampant in many U.S. cities.

Their SPLC “Intelligence Report” directly exposes and focuses on how Bailey’s junk science, along with the writings of the right-wing academics and pundits like himself, is helping to foster this widespread hatred of transexual women. But don’t take my word for it. Read these reports at for yourselves:

“Queer Science: An ‘elite’ cadre of scientists and journalists tries to turn back the clock on sex, gender and race,” by Heidi Beirich and Bob Moser.

“Disposable People: A wave of violence engulfs the transgendered, whose murder rate may outpace that of all other hate killings,” by Bob Moser.

“Rage on the Right: A rage is growing on the right. Before it is done, untold numbers of men and women may have to die, casualties in America’s ongoing culture wars,” by Mark Potok, editor, SPLC “Intelligence Report.”

There is nothing at all laughable about this SPLC investigation nor the investigation by Northwestern concerning some of these same grave issues. There is nothing at all laughable about the murders of young transexual women. Instead it is Bailey and his cohorts and their theories that are laughable.

But I am not laughing. I am sad and scared and overwhelmed by all this. And I am determined to tell the truth and get retribution for myself and all the other transexual women and men. We have been exploited, victimized, and made to look pathetic and ridiculous by these dubious researchers, academics, and, yes, even certain reporters. It has to stop here and now. You can help by printing this letter.

Openly and honestly yours,

Anjelica Kieltyka