To the editors:

Your decision to accept and publish Jane Juffer’s article “Clean Sweep’s Dirty Secret” [October 5] was poor judgement. The story is clearly biased and unfairly criticizes an effective program.

For countless years the residents of CHA public housing, city officials, and the public have been unsuccessful in their attempts to improve the living conditions of public housing. Finally a program that works and a chairman with proven ability have had a positive impact. Ms. Juffer attempts to tarnish the program by injecting unsubstantiated accusations of misconduct on the part of the police and security personnel. She further clouds the issue with allegations of first amendment violations.

The bottom line is a group of residents do not like the new and effective security measures. The author provides no evidence that this is the prevailing viewpoint of CHA residents. The author refers to the measures as a “lockdown” which demonstrates her bias. A lockdown is a situation where one’s ability to leave is restricted. The security measures are no more harsh than many luxury condo owners live under. They afford safety at a minimum of inconvenience.

The residents of CHA are entitled to this effective and long overdue program. Perhaps a compromise could be reached between the CHA and these residents. Permit them to move into a CHA apartment in an unsecure building. I’m confident that a resident in one of those buildings would eagerly trade places.

Ronald P. Sodini

N. Sheridan Road