Raymer, you’re on the fashion beat now

Re: Soundboard, B side, August 18

I move that Miles Raymer be reassigned to a different job, on the grounds that somebody who goes on record praising “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn and “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry in the same issue obviously hates music. —Max Crowe

Police priorities

Re: “Where’s Garry McCarthy? A frustrated south-side community invites Chicago’s new police superintendent to a ‘dialogue’” by Mick Dumke, August 25

The meeting was set for the superintendent [Garry McCarthy]. While the new commander [Eric Carter] did a very good job of answering our questions and offering us insight on what we can expect from him and the police department, I totally take issue with the fact that he cared that little for us to not show up. I was busy and had a host of running around to do to prepare my children for school and I took out the time from my busy weekend to attend. While we could see the leaders that came out and the commander cared about us and wanted to hear our thoughts, our new superintendent did not. The majority of the folks in the room had never met the guy. I guess we are the group that is on the wrong side of the railroad tracks. —Community Folks

OK to bury ’em, not to eat ’em

Re: Chicagoans, You Are Here, August 18

It was inspiring to read the profile and interview with the humane and benevolent Gary Bloze. He’s an enlightened and emotionally insightful man who realizes that dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, turtles, ferrets, and other companion animals are priceless best friends of their human guardians. His Illinois Pet Cemetery is an idyllic haven for invaluable pets that have perished. Sages have rightfully stated that loyal four-legged creatures are friends for life while disloyal two-legged friends come and go in droves. Some of God’s most luminous and outstanding beings are surely resting in peace at the Illinois Pet Cemetery. —Brien Comerford

Rahm rates Rahm

Re: “Rahm measuring up—and down, and sideways” posted by Steve Bogira on the Bleader, August 2

I’ll take Rahm’s overfocus on metrics over the thundering lack of accountability we have had for years any day. —YesItsMe

How can you trust him?

For instance, he is cutting the salary of appointed board chairmen to numerous committees/boards. I think almost everyone would support such a move. On the other hand he made over 300K going to four meetings on the Freddie Mac board. So all of a sudden he is a reformer? —rk