How Rahm followed Rich

Re: “The Making of Mayor Emanuel: How Richard M. Daley begat his successor” by Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky, May 26

Wow!!! Somebody get Ben a chalkboard. I hear Fox News is looking for an oversimplifying conspiracy theorist to replace Glenn Beck. —LilBen

I enjoyed the timeline of Daley’s sudden demise put together by Joravsky and Dumke, but I would add one date: June 11, 2010. The day of the Blackhawks tickertape celebration, Mayor Daley was introduced and received thoussands of boos during the live broadcast. That day he made his final decision. —mccabe

Make mine a Miller

Re: “The Aviary: Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas’s cocktail restaurant is already a defining Chicago experience” by Mike Sula, May 26

Brother Sula is a genius. That and I agree with him essentially completely based on my visit this Wednesday. My only amendment: With tax and (automatic and appropriate) gratuity, the cost for the Kitchen Table experience—which is what my friend and I had—is $210 p/p, *more* than most reservation slots for dinner and standard wine pairings at Next. —Andrew Patner

I’ll have a Bud, thanks. —FGFM

FYI, Ben Tausig is diabolically clever

Re: Ink Well, May 26

“Regarding the Chicago Reader, May 26, 2011, volume 40, number 35. The crossword is bullshit because there are missing numbers and boxes!” —unidentified caller

Editor’s reply: There are no missing numbers or boxes in that particular crossword puzzle, titled “Dark Day.” But it is a tricky one. Here’s a hint: what’s hidden during a solar eclipse? (It’s also “hidden” in the puzzle.)