Open mike memories

Re: “When Lyons Roared: The open mike where Chicago comedians learned to kill” by Steve Heisler, June 9

Thanks to Steve Heisler for bringing back some great memories! Also gotta give love to great Chicago stand-ups Steve O. Harvey, Josh Cheney, and Robert Buscemi for help making the Den as great as it was for so long!!! —nickvatterott

Nice job, covering a scene a decade after the fact, Steve. If only we coulda been there for all that culture. Why not cover the current scene and the characters in it with some depth instead of waiting until everyone has been on television first? —anon

When I first moved to Chicago in ’03 it was down the street from the Den. It was the first open mic I ever went to and was immediately scared shitless because I assumed every open mic in my new home city was that awesome. The place was off-the-wall fun. I remember someone showing up in a full-on astronaut costume and telling really old Challenger jokes on or near the anniversary. The place was committed on every angle. Good times. —jimfath

Daley inequity

Re: “As Mayor Daley cashes in, ousted teacher gets cut off” by Ben Joravsky, June 9

The sad part is that the U. of C. would be among the most likely locales for an in-depth assessment of Daley’s tenure and what he has done for and to the city. Notwithstanding “academic freedom” and “academic integrity,” now that he is on the payroll, it is much less likely that any such analysis, if it gets done, will be published locally or supported by the university’s publicity juggernaut. —Arturo

CPS students lose here too. Experience counts for student learning. Systemwide, CPS has fired its way to giving students teachers with two years less experience over the past ten years. Joravsky hits the nail on the head—that’s about $5,000 less per teacher each year. Multiply that by 20,000, CPS spends about 100 million each year. Not chump change. —chitownteacher