To the editors:

Having just finished reading the incredibly hostile interview of Peter Dominowski by Bryan Miller [June 22], I was struck by the appropriateness of the reporter’s initials.

“BM” seems to typify the characteristics of the self-indulgent, elitist/snob, trapped-in-the-50s-time-warp WFMT staff members who have long used the station as their personal stereo system.

It is wonderfully ironic that they have finally received their richly deserved desserts: taped commercials and Jay Andres. Too bad the listening audience is also the recipient.

Without Studs Terkel (Chicago’s windbag emeritus), the Midnight Special, First 50 Years, From the Recording Horn, and the early morning “education” of the listener with esoteric vocal and instrumental selections, perhaps WFMT wouldn’t be reduced to such desperate and unattractive measures.

James Tuttle

W. Belden

Bryan Miller replies:

Gee, I can’t recall anyone publicly sniggering over my initials since my classmates outgrew that sort of humor back in the fifth or sixth grade. Thank you so much for raising the overall tone of the discussion.