To the editors:

Concerning Nelson’s cartoon on Alderwoman Dorothy Tillman [December 20]: The Reader has shown insensitivity before. A year or so ago, I wrote objecting to a review of Strauss’s opera Salome, which used the Jewish Princess stereotypes that insult and intimidate Jewish women, often with overtones of violence, in college and work situations. My letter was printed paired with a letter, as I remember, from the National Organization of Women, objecting to a cartoon insulting women in a previous issue. The Reader’s captions and responses to our letters were patronizing, as if to say, “There go those nutty women, yelling again.”

Anyone waving a gun in the City Council, as Ms. Tillman is alleged to have done, deserves censure rather than ridicule with underwear and racial slurs. I have seen only the head portion of Nelson’s cartoon on Chicago Tonight, and as far as I’m concerned, his handling of Ms. Tillman’s hair and facial features recall the ugly minstrel show caricatures of the last century.

Reader editors, learn to listen to grievances! The foot that wears the shoe knows where it pinches.

Rose Ann Chasman

W. Jarvis