Hurray for your recent story about the IVI-IPO! [“Fighting Over Scraps,” November 7.]

I learned all about the true politics of that organization when I was campaign manager for 43rd Ward aldermanic candidate Jay Case during the last election. (Jay ran against Daley-appointed Charles Bernardini, who was, naturally, supported by the regular 43rd Ward Democratic organization.)

After both candidates presented their views on issues at an IVI-IPO meeting, they were judged as to which candidate best reflected the established IVI-IPO positions. (Stated IVI-IPO endorsement ground rules are that the candidate with the greatest number of like views will be endorsed.)

The tally clearly showed that Jay Case held the most similar views. So who did the IVI-IPO endorse? Charles Bernardini–because 43rd Ward Democrats had joined the IVI-IPO specifically to be able to vote in such endorsement sessions.

This was not an isolated case. I also know of judicial endorsement sessions where the very same thing happened.

I urge all voters and editorial boards to recognize that an IVI-IPO endorsement is meaningless in any fair-thinking candidate-evaluation process.

Nancy Gohla

Park Ridge