To the editor:

I was disgusted to read Affordable Portables’ March Madness ad in your newspaper. My understanding of March Madness is a celebration of winter turning to spring. It’s not an opportunity to make light of serious illnesses which some people daily cope with. Affordable Portables were selling items such as the “psycho” sofa, bipolar bars and stools, wacko wall units where you can watch Dr. Phil on your TV, etc.

As a mental health consumer, I E-mailed my distaste to Affordable Portables for such an ad. It’s one that I feel not only shows an insensitivity to the mentally ill population, but shows ignorance as well. It perpetuates the stigma that mentally ill people are “crazy” and out of touch with reality.

What makes it OK to make fun of people with an illness anyway? Gee, June 21-July 21 is the zodiac sign Cancer. Is it OK to have a zodiac cancer sale and sell chemo couches, leukemia lamps, etc? I doubt that would make it to the presses, so why did this degrading ad make it?

Diane Rondeau