To the editors:

I am very tired after all these years of performers insulting the Aragon Ballroom [Hitsville, October 29]. Could it be the problem is not the venue itself but the current acts that insist on forcing their musical “charms” on it?

Since the 1920s–I have never read any accounts of musical artists floundering there: Glenn Miller & his orchestra, Lawrence Welk, Wayne King and a veritable who’s who of famous big band artists.

Unfortunately, the present era seems to require excessive overamplification for venues ill suited for same.

While I am only 39 years old, I have never been a fan of loud music, preferring small clubs for my amusement.

Since I think the Aragon is more suited for MTV Unplugged and not 90% of the current acts, I wish this grand venue would cease to be maligned by today’s musicians who obviously do not know how to adapt their sound to the venue!

David Plomin

W. Cornelia