In response to Margasak’s Critic’s Choice for the Momus/Kahimi Karie/Toog show at the Double Door [November 19], let me ask this: What is the purpose of promoting a show if you’re just going to insult the performers? Do you get some sort of monetary kickback? Or is it about maintaining an exalted position of indie rock credibility?

Margasak the broken record, with your spiel about Kahimi being nothing more than “sexy karaoke.” Too bad there were no cheesy video projections and other people singing her songs. I would tend to think that nearly ten years behind her as a pop star in Japan, and numerous albums with a roster of notable guest musicians, qualifies her for more credit than being called a karaoke singer. So there’s some preprogrammed backing music. I guess that’s less valid than country-mate Takemura with his preprogrammed music sitting behind a computer pressing buttons, isn’t it? Because you see, his music is more about jazz than pop, right? Which somehow makes it more valid to you, right? People who go to see Kahimi don’t care about preprogrammed tracks. They go to see the charming, mouse-voiced pop star with tremendous sex appeal in the flesh. No one is there scratching their chins, trying to maintain some sort of sacred indie-rock credibility among peers. People go to see Kahimi, Momus, and Toog to have fun.

As for your weak insult of Toog being nothing more than a Serge Gainsbourg wannabe, I believe Kahimi’s exact words to me in his defense were “Fuck the music journalists.” Just because the only French music you’ve probably ever heard before was by Gainsbourg is a ridiculous reason to use that as your sole point of unnecessary comparison. Toog is nothing like Gainsbourg. His music is absurdist and quirky, hardly a trait of Gainsbourg’s. Your chronic chin-scratching attitude is old and tired. You really should just leave the music you don’t understand alone instead of insulting everyone else’s intelligence.

A second chance to insult Kahimi–wow, what luck. You really are a journalistic treasure, almost an intellectual orange.

Reverend Forestter Cobalt

Logan Square