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To the editors:

I don’t know why the two Mikes (Miner & Royko) are so worked up about Jay Mariotti’s stealing columns and ideas from better writers [Hot Type, June 25]. Let’s remember, the last time Mariotti had an original idea it was to condemn harshly Michael Jordan’s refusal to participate in a photo-op with then-President George Herbert Walker Bush. Since that represents the apex of Mariotti’s personal thought, we are all much better off with the recycled ideas of Royko and others, even though he gives them no credit.

More to the point, with all the smoke about whether basketball officiating is legit–a serious issue raised by Royko and by Mark Giangreco before he was forced to recant–isn’t it time for a serious investigation of the sport? Maybe it’s really clean, but we aren’t going to learn the truth from the networks. We really need a congressional investigation of the kind that exposed the phony quiz shows if we are to really clear the air.

Don Rose

Lincoln Park